No matter what, the matter will be resolved

What is the source of your strength? What drives your decision-making related to your financial, emotional and mental well being?

Upholding your strength is the crux of our relationship. Our future-focused approach honors the needs of you and your family today and in the long-term.

We can relate. We know family matters. As a result, we make better judgments. Essentially, we make critical choices and complex matters less challenging. We individualize your critical care and resolution plan. Despite crisis and rigorous life circumstances, our experience and judgment prevails.

The dynamics of the modern family are very different today and require a keen sensitivity and understanding. We lead in family law with that understanding and experience. Very few situations or family dynamics exist that we have not addressed. That means two things: (1) you are not alone; and (2) we will guide you in overcoming difficult circumstances.

Family Law Team


Michael P. Geary

Family Law Attorney


Julia A. Henry

Family Law Attorney


Larry L. Martin

Family Law Attorney


Our Geary, Porter & Donovan, P.C. Family

The Family Law Group of Geary, Porter & Donovan, P.C. is powered by tenured family law attorneys who provide personalized consultation and one-on-one guidance. We are empowered by a full service firm that offers multi-disciplinary legal support when and where needed in any case. Our client partners have access to additional resources to reinforce the most successful outcome possible. That is a unique strength in family law.

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What Makes a Good Family Law Attorney

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